What is Remote Sensing?

Lesson Objectives:

  • Provide a general introduction to remote sensing
  • Describe some applications of remote sensing
  • Allow students to explore remote sensing applications on their own

Prep Item for Students:

Before the first class meeting, ask the students to think of at least one task or application that is well suited for study or analysis with remote sensing (i.e. satellite or aerial images and derived information), and one task or application that is not well suited for remote sensing. Discuss their examples and explore the range of things that can (and can't) be done with remote sensing.

Video Introduction to Remote Sensing
Click here to download the video. It was originally created as an intro to RS for a GIS course.

PowerPoint Slides
Click here to download slides on the history of remote sensing
Introduction to remote sensing data characteristics

Readings from the Previous RSCC website (legacy material, but still valuable)
The Remote Sensing Process